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Our process

Step by step

Step 1

Fill the Form

Fill in the form with your necessary details.

Step 2

Team Processing and Assistance

Our PanelVet team will process your form, and if needed, one of our team members will reach out to you by phone to collect any additional required information.

Step 3

Data Export and Guidance

Export your data in accordance with your PMS process. If necessary, our PanelVet team will provide assistance over the phone.

Step 4

Data Processing Time

Allow 30-45 days for the Kynetec/PanelVet team to process your data.

Step 5

Access Granted via Email

Once your dashboard is ready (within 45 days), you'll receive access to the MyKynetec platform via email.

Step 6

It’s done!

Enjoy access to your dashboard, which will be refreshed monthly if you consistently export your data each month.

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