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Discover how PanelVet can transform your member services offering. Unleash the power of data-driven information, tailored to the unique needs of independent veterinarians.

Help your network by facilitating the economic management of veterinary structures with our comprehensive solutions for sales data, contract optimization & online sales.


How it works

PanelVet Data Processing

Your Data, Your Security, Your Insights

  • Data Directly from PMS Software:

    PanelVet receives data directly from clinic PMS software.

  • Personalized Access:

    Use personal login details to access your results.

  • Accuracy and Reliability:

    Results reflect clinic economic activity with no data entry errors or approximations.

  • Data Privacy:

    No third party has access to your data.

  • Reliable Clinic Network:

    A broad base of participating clinics offers a reliable view of the veterinary landscape.

  • GDPR Compliance:

    PanelVet adheres to the European GDPR (European regulation no 2016/679 - General Data Protection Regulation).

  • Secure and Anonymous:

    Data is transmitted and processed anonymously via a client code, ensuring privacy.

panelvet dashboard

User-Friendly Dashboard

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PanelVet Dashboard

Unlock the power of PanelVet

Elevate Your Practice

Get our digital veterinary sales data management platform, which gives you a global, real-time view of your sales performance. It enables you to accurately analyse trends, efficiently manage inventories, make strategic decisions and optimize sales, thus improving your overall profitability.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Leverage the power of data with PanelVet's online dashboard. Get KPIs on revenue, patients, clients, and invoices. Discover 54 revenue indicators, 54 patient/client indicators, and 108 invoice indicators, all compared to the French averages.

Visualize Your Success

The dynamic dashboard ensures you intuitively understand vital indicators like income, customer count, and average invoice. Analyze your income trends and activity evolutions for actionable insights.

Measure Your Progress

Compare your practice's indicators with our Panel data to identify strengths and areas for improvement. Objectively assess your practice's value within the veterinary landscape.

Privacy Assured

Rest easy knowing that our free monitoring service guarantees anonymity, confidentiality, and security. To get started, simply fill the form!

Our process

Step by step

Step 1

Fill the form

Fill in the form with your necessary details.

Step 2

Team Processing and Assistance

Our PanelVet team will process your form, and if needed, one of our team members will reach out to you by phone to collect any additional required information.

Step 3

Data Export and Guidance

Export your data in accordance with your PMS process. If necessary, our PanelVet team will provide assistance over the phone.

Step 4

Data Processing Time

Allow 30-45 days for the Kynetec/PanelVet team to process your data.

Step 5

Access Granted via Email

Once your dashboard is ready (within 45 days), you'll receive access to the MyKynetec platform via email.

Step 6

It’s done!

Enjoy access to your dashboard, which will be refreshed monthly if you consistently export your data each month.

Our partners

Connection to your data

PanelVet data comes directly from participating establishments’ billing software. The results are an exact reflection of the economic activity of the clinics, without risk of entry errors or approximations.

Your data is transmitted automatically, and processed completely anonymously and securely via a customer code, no personal customer data is transmitted.

If your Practice Information Management System (PIMS) is not listed here, we encourage you to let us know at Our team is ready to assist you and explore how we can integrate with your specific PIMS for a seamless experience.


This PIMS is partially compatible with PanelVet, but our team will do its utmost to support you.


"Thanks to their customizable data analysis tools, we were able to create reports on our members' click & collect sales and much more."

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