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PanelVet is a long-standing player in France


by Charles Bosquet

May 23, 2024
3 min read
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PanelVet is a long-standing player in France

PanelVet is a long-established player in France, founded by a vet keen to provide activity monitoring solutions to his peers. We are passionate about helping vets by providing them with independent access to the analytical processing of their data.

It is with great excitement that we announce the launch of our new website www.panelvet.com/fr, a revolutionary platform dedicated to the veterinary
community. This new initiative aims to provide an even more rewarding experience, with a particular focus on differentiated reporting of specific sales
data, addressing the critical needs of three major segments: independent vets, buying groups and corporate/chains.

For independent vets, the new site is an invaluable resource, providing detailed reports on their own sales data. These personalised analyses enable practitioners to better understand their sales performance and adjust their approach
accordingly. In addition, comparisons with their peers in France facilitate a contextual assessment of their results.

Buying groups will benefit from advanced functionalities, with consolidated reports
on the aggregate sales of their members. This panoramic view of individual and collective sales performance enables buying groups to make informed strategic decisions, optimise stock management and maximise the operational efficiency of the group as a whole.

Finally, for corporate and veterinary chains, our new platform offers detailed reports on a national or international scale. These in-depth analyses of sales data enable managers to make informed decisions about sales strategy, identify growth
opportunities and adjust marketing tactics to stay competitive in the marketplace.

Our commitment to data confidentiality remains an absolute priority. We have
robust security protocols in place to ensure the protection of the information we
process, while offering powerful data analysis capabilities.

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